LilliWorks Active Learning Foundation is a primary source of information on Active Learning (AL) and the sole source of Active Learning equipment authorized by Dr. Lilli Nielsen in North America.


As a nonprofit, LilliWorks’ mission is to advance Active Learning through supply of equipment, education, outreach and research. LilliWorks is dedicated to the Active Learning principle that “Everyone Can Learn“.

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*2015 AL Conference -click to view

NOVEMBER 2 & 3, 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Southgate, MI


Marcy White has shared a video with us of her son using the HOPSA Standing Harness

Here is a link to a video of my son using the hopsa dress. It was taken the first time he used it at home:



Active Learning was originated by Dr. Lilli Nielsen of Denmark, a recognized world expert in the education of children with multiple severe disabilities. It is easy to practice with everyday items, and special equipment is available. Learn more about Active Learning

LilliWorks was founded by parents of children with severe disabilities, therapists and volunteers in 2001 and is a 501c3 tax exempt charity. Learn more about LilliWorks

LilliWorks’ Active Learning Newsletters provides a variety of informative articles on Active Learning.
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LilliWorks now supplies all of Dr. Nielsen’s books and continues to supply her videos, now on DVD. See Books and Videos

Did you know LilliWorks supplies kits for a variety of equipment? Learn about DIY AL Equipment: Kits

A statewide three year study in Texas shows Active Learning to be very beneficial. Learn About Active Learning: The 3 Year 3 A’s Study in Texas

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